The Data Processing Studio, Cygnus Research International (CRInternational) was newly established in January 2005 to provide professional computational services for professionals and for ordinary people. We are specialized in oceanographic data processing and analyses. We provide technical computational and data processing services, data analysis services based on various statistical methods and data visualization services to Oceanographers, fishery scientists, meteorologists and anyone who is interested in marine environments at very affordable prices. Also, we provide our computational services to other sectors of our society provided that the skills used by us are rather universally applicable.

The owner of CRInternational has experiences over 25 years in technical and scientific computations and over 15 years in physical oceanographic researches with several papers published in oceanographic journals in Japan and U.S.A. We do not stop there but we update our skills through the continuing research activities in ocean sciences. Based on these experiences CRInternational can provide high quality computational services. Our business is small but this fact makes our operational costs very low, which translates that we can provide our services at very affordable prices even for NPOs, NGOs and for indivduals. We hope that we can contribute to the sustainable development of human society in the 21st century through our scientific and business activities.

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About us (CRI)

We offer low cost micro-job style computational services. For more information, please click ->here<- .

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