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PD001A Power spectrum density: 23US dollars. For more information, please click ->here<-.

What are Micro-Job Services?
We offer low cost micro-job services. These micro-job services contain several complete sets of specific type of data processing and analysis ("Package Deal") and some single purpose computational services useful for various kinds of data analysis ("Module").

(1) Example of a Package Deal (complete set of specific type of data processing and analysis)
An example of Package Deal services is a computation of spectral density function typically used to find frequencies and amplitudes of periodic variations in various kinds of data (Spectral analysis; For more information please click ->here<-). We generally adopt most commonly used and most conservative or least controversial methods for our micro-job services. There are some conditions for a Package Deal to be applied to customer's data unlike our regular services as described below.

(2) Example of a Module (single purpose computational services)
Actual computational process of spectral density function can be separated into several blocks such as data preparation, core computational and post computation blocks. These blocks are usually consist of many small single purpose modules. In case of the computation of spectral density function one of the first things we do is removing a linear trend from data and there is a module which will do that task in the data preparation block. To remove a linear trend we need to compute it first but knowing a linear trend itself is useful for some other applications. For example, assuming you have a sales record of something for a certain period of time which has many ups and downs during that period. Now let assume you want to know if sales are increasing, decreasing or just staying flat. Computation of a linear trend will provide an answer for that question. This module also computes confidence interval which shows how certain that answer is.

Major differences between these micro-job services and our regular services
(1) Micro-job services are cheap.
Prices are comparable to those offered at popular micro-job sites (actually we provide some services through those sites as well) although we do not promise we do a complete set of data analysis for 5 dollars. As examples, we are planning to set price at US 5$ for a computation of linear trends of five data sets (Module) and at US 23$ for a computation of power spectral density function (Package Deal PD001A). Package Deal is usually much cheaper than the simple summation of the prices of all the modules used in that package.

(2) User assistances are very much limited.
We will provide user assistances for customers of micro-job services comparable to those for customers of our regular services for one year after the introduction of new micro-job services to obtain feedbacks from our customers. However, we will reduce customer support for micro-job services considerably after that period. For example, we do not assist how to interpret results and we do not make recommendations what kind of data preparation is appropriate for your data. Instead we will prepare web pages at our site in which we will provide detailed information so that our customers can make their own decisions without our assistance.

(3) Flexibilities are limited.
Customer's data should meet certain conditions for our micro-job services to be applied. For example data file must be a standard English ASCII file. We do not handle two-byte non-English ASCII files. Another limitation is that output format of figures (graphs) and files are fixed with some options. Computational methods we utilize are also fixed. We will provide some options but there will not be that much flexibilities.

(4) Short turnaround.
We will try to process your order within 1~2 days except during week ends. Quick turnaround is only possible because we limit flexibilities. Our regular services usually take much longer time to complete orders. We might halt micro-job services temporarily when we are tied up to other works too much and cannot deliver results quickly.

In short
Using our micro-job services is like a purchasing mass produced clothes at a regular clothing store. You can chose clothes only among what that store carries. Using our regular services is like an ordering custom made clothes at a taylor shop. You can order any style, color and materials to be used and, of course, you can make sure they will fit you perfectly. All of above limitations applied to micro-job services are necessary to reduce costs. If you need full assistance and greater flexibilities, please consider using our regular services instead. We welcome our customers to use our regular services partially where micro job services cannot be applied and then to use micro-job services to complete the task. In that way our customers might be able to make a substantial saving.

We are trying to organize these micro-job services as components of "Modularized data processing and analysis service" so that our potential customer might be able to use these micro-job services as "Pay as you go" data processing and analysis services as well. We believe these micro-job services are also suited to do some trial computations on your data before investing too much resources.

Package Deal service
PD001A Power spectrum density: 23US dollars. For more information, please click ->here<-.