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About Us(CRI)
We provide technical computational services, data analyses based on various statistical methods and data visualization services to Oceanographers, fishery scientists, meteorologists and anyone who is interested in marine environments. We can collect data such as hydrographic data, satellite data and reanalyzed data from various sources other than those provided by our customers, and then we can analyze those data. We will write programs and scripts if it becomes necessary to provide our services. We can provide printed figures and/or figures in various electrical formats including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PostScript and Illustratorfs format(adobe).

The owner of CRI has experiences over 25 years in technical and scientific computations and over 15 years in physical oceanographic researches. We do not stop there but we update our skills through the continuing research activities in ocean sciences. Therefore, CRI can provide high quality computational, data analysis and data visualization services based on those experiences. The list below shows some instruments the owner of CRI has analyzed before. Some results of those analyses were published in oceanographic journals.

Our business is small but this fact makes our operational costs very low, which translates that we can provide our services at very affordable prices.

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List of typical instruments(data) we have analyzed before
Salinity and temperature BT, XBT, XCTD, CTD, ARGO floats,TOGA buoy(thermistor chain)
Current meters Aanderra RCM-5, ADCPs
Surface drifting buoy Drogue type
Sattelite data Surface wind, Sea surface temperatuer
Sea surface height
Reanalysis data NCEP, ECMWF
Powerspectral density and CoherenceExtraction of tidal comp by filteringTemperature and salinityZonal current var during El Nino and La NinaSea surface temperaturesea surface height Surface wind