About Us(CRI)

We offer technical and scientific computational services. If we find obtaining an analytical expression of a differential is easy when we are asked to differentiate a function, we first obtain an analytical expression and then compute a numerical value unless otherwise requested. We apply the same rule when we try to obtain integrals or solutions of various equations. If an analytical expression is not available we will first investigate a behavior of the function before evaluating a differential numerically when we compute numerical differentiation. After this we determine an appropriate interval for the numerical computation to minimize error. We apply same rule to other computations if we think it is necessary.

We may help our customers to formulate equations in the case if our customers do not have any specific equations but they can describe the relationships among variables and how they affect the result.

Below is a list of typical computations we can offer. If you want us to compute something that is not in the list below, please send us an inquiry. We might be able to extend our services since we do write programs when it becomes necessary.

*Least square approximation to various mathematical functions
*Numerical integration and differentiation
*Finding roots (zeros) of equations
*Finding solutions of simultaneous (system of) linear equations
*Finding solutions of ordinary differential equations
*Finding solutions of partial differential equations
We might not be able to solve complex problem due to the limitations of our computer. Some of these computations require super computers
*Obtaining an inverse matrix
*Obtaining eigenvectors and eigenvalues

We separated our services into several categories for the sole purpose of introducing our services in an organized manner. To serve your needs we do combine our services in different categories.

Estimations are free. For more information,
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