About Us(CRI)

We offer data analysis services mainly based on statistical methods. We can apply some preparatory computations to data before analyzing them. These preparatory computations may include finding and removing "unnatural data", interpolating missing data, applying filters to extract variations in the specific frequency range (or scale range) and converting data by applying mathematical equations specified by our customers. We may collect data open to a general public from various sources and analyze those data instead of analyzing data provided by our customers.

Below is a list of typical statistical computations we offer in this category. If you want us to compute something that is not in the list below, please send us an inquiry. We might be able to extend our services since we do write programs when it becomes necessary. We would like to note that the founder of CRI is specialized in time series analysis of oceanographic data and he published several papers in oceanographic journals in the past.

*Computations of basic statistics such as mean and standard deviation/variance with their confidence intervals.
*Least square fitting to linear and various other functions.
*Harmonic analysis
*Computations of power spectral density functions or their variants such as rotary power spectral density functions.
*Multi-regression analysis
*Computations of cross spectral density functions, coherence, phase and gain functions.
*Principle component analysis(PCA), time domain complex PCA, frequency domain complex PCA

We separated our services into several categories for the sole purpose of introducing our services in an organized manner. To serve your needs we do combine our services in different categories.

Estimations are free. For more information,
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