About Us(CRI)

We offer following file/data management services. Please note that we can handle files of the size far beyond of the limitation of the Microsoft Excel. If you want us to do something that is not in the list below, please send us an inquiry. We might be able to extend our services since we do write programs when it becomes necessary.

File management.
*Merge two or more files into one.
*Sort data in a file.
*Extract data that match conditions specified by our customer.
*Convert a file format from ASCII to binary or binary to ASCII.
We need to know the detail of the binary format to do this.
*Move columns (or rows) of data to other column (or row) positions.

Data management
*Interpolate missing data in one or two-dimensional data sets.
We use several techniques, such as linear and spline methods, to interpolate data.
*Apply manipulations on specific bits of data specified by our customer.
*Apply numerical filters to data to extract variations in a frequency range specified by our customer.
*Convert data using equations specified by our customer.
The customer can include various mathematical functions in the equations including those exotic ones you usually cannot find on scientific calculators

We separated our services into several categories for the sole purpose of introducing our services in an organized manner. To serve your needs we do combine our services in different categories.

Estimations are free. For more information,
please send a mail