About CRI

We offer data visualization services. We can provide printed figures (paper) and figures in various electrical formats such as jpeg, tiff, pdf, postscript and in a native format of Adobe's Illustrator. The customers can paste jpeg figures easily on other documents, such as those of Microsoft's office suits. Figures in postscript format are suited for publications. We can combine several different figures on a single page if it is preferred. Currently we have a coast line data base of 1/4 degree resolution and a bathymetry data base of 5 minute resolution. We can draw a horizontal distribution of a property such as sea surface temperature and then draw coast lines and/or isobath on the figure using these data bases.

*Note about the font*
The fonts we can use in figures will be limited to those which both we and our customers have if our customers prefer to have figures in some electrical formats because most of the fonts are copyright protected. If our customers prefer to have figures in an image file format(such as jpeg and tiff) only, the fonts we can use will be limited to those which we have.

Please click here for sample figures.

We separated our services into several categories for the sole purpose of introducing our services in an organized manner. To serve your needs we do combine our services in different categories.

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