About Us(CRI)

We can collect data open to a general public from various sources and analyze those data. There is a strong tendency among many governments and government affiliated organizations in this world to make their data available to a general public lately and we try to find new data sources from time to time. These data include satellite observed sea surface temperature, sea surface height and sea surface wind data, vertical profile data of temperature and salinity obtained by hydrocast observations and from ARGO profiling floats at various points of the world ocean, near surface current and temperature data in the equatorial Pacific and trajectory data of drifting buoys.

We generally cannot simply collect data from these data sources and pass them to our customers without doing any computations. Also, we may not provide our services if the organization which provide these data specifically prohibit us to use their data for commercial purposes.

We separated our services into several categories for the sole purpose of introducing our services in an organized manner. To serve your needs we do combine our services in different categories.

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